Complete set of CD

Four separate Combat Sessions – (The preached Word commanding breakthroughs on the Battlefield):

1. Combat Session I (Wait on the Lord! He is Surely Coming) by Dr. Dorn Walker, Elder
2. Combat Session II (He Equipped me for this Battle) by Pastor Sheila Brundidge
3. Combat Session III (A Ready Mind is a Focused Mind) By Pastor, Dr. Helen Driffin
4. Combat Session IV (Unveil the Mask ) By Apostle, Dr. Angela Rucker

All Four Prayer Warriors interceding for:

1. An overall move of God among Kingdom Families including their children and for God’s glory to be fully manifested in the earth – by Pastor Ingrid Hutchinson
2. Our City and State with a Focus on empowerment & achievements of women & girls. Against cultural biases and any suppression in our region that may try to hinder God’s daughters from walking in their calling and purpose in His Kingdom – by Minister Diana Britnell
3. Our Nation and the World including the advancement of Women call to Ministry and for all women to find their position and purpose in God’s Kingdom – by Apostle, Dr. Melissa Moore
4. Our Children and Youth with a focus on strong and emotionally healthy girls who can and will lead in their generation. Pray for their protection from abuse and suppression – by Minister Latasha Jones

The Opening Atmosphere take over and Ministry of Dance throughout the conference (including Kingdom Drill Team, Flaggers, liturgical dance):

1. Ministry by Fallon Earlington & Soulful Movement: Spirit of Excellence

2. Liturgical breakthrough dance of preparation by Minister of Dance Christian Young

3. Liturgical breakthrough dance by Lady Roshanda Judd.

Praise and Worship with Prophetic utterances

1. House of Prayer for all Nations (HOPFAN)

2. Minister Diana Britnell of Charity Chapel Church